A 2D world with spatially aware video conferencing

I’ve been a fully remote worker for about 8 years now. Right from the get-go, the most challenging parts of this setup have been staying connected and working transparently. Back then, our primary tools for communication were IMs and calls via Skype for Business.

The biggest problem with Skype for…

Quick reference card included

So, covid, huh? If you would’ve told me 3 years ago that we’d soon find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic that’s causing global lockdowns in the world’s biggest cities and that it would continue to rage because people were unwilling to take the necessary steps to beat it…

It would be easy. Could it be a good idea?

Usually, when people die, one of two things happens. Either they have a will, and their assets are divided according to its instructions, or they don’t, and courts determine the rightful heir.

Blockchain visionaries like Charles Hoskinson talk about how smart contracts will change the world by providing equity of…

Adam Prescott

software engineer & manager of people

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